At Brightsource, we analyze each client program and develop a customized implementation based on their unique opportunity in the interactive market. While we certainly have proven strategies with demonstrable success metrics, we do not have a structured formula or framework to which we force client implementations to conform.

We do begin with a “post mortem” analysis of a client’s prior/current strategy, account structure, and any other relevant information available. The goal is to identify successes to amplify, mistakes to be avoided again, and missed opportunities on which to capitalize. From there, we develop recommended strategies (encompassing both prospecting and retargeting) and a custom program with target metrics, implementation rationale, and a proposed timeline.

It is important to understand that we employ advanced scaling techniques that allow for 10x, 20x, 30x ad spend increases within days or weeks, instead of the months or years that organic or boilerplate approaches deliver. This is in part due to our use and adoption of third party data resources, magnified messaging across multiple platforms, and detailed targeting segmentation.

Because of our historical success ratio and the quality of our client representation, we are afforded private and potent internal representation at Facebook and other social media platforms. This allows our clients access to exclusive services, expedited timelines, and advanced exception resolution.