Brightsource Media is a boutique interactive media agency, providing strategic development and executive management of large-scale client lead generation initiatives. Our custom brand programs employ both prevailing methodologies and emerging strategies that ensure clients are placed at the forefront of innovation, performance, and results.

When he first entered the digital advertising space, president Steve Fantasia quickly recognized that most large, traditional advertising agencies and digital marketers either focused too closely on social engagement and community building or failed to recognize the unique opportunity offered by Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Largely absent from this space were firms capable or willing to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing landscape and capitalize for clients on the potential of true interactive marketing. Steve founded Brightsource in 2017 to fill that critical marketplace gap, immediately giving clients access to next-level interactive strategy.

Because of the depth of our involvement with each program implementation, Brightsource maintains a limited client list across a diverse array of industries, business structures, and political disciplines. Most clients are selected based on referral relationships and the synergies of the opportunity.

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