About Steve Fantasia

Steve Fantasia is Principal of Brightsource Media, which he founded in 2017. Clients have direct access to him throughout the lifecycle of their contracted relationship.

Prior to Brightsource, Steve started Reach Media Creative in 2016, as a pure Facebook marketing company. Almost immediate success in the automotive dealership space garnered the company attention of a national advertising firm specializing in the auto industry, located in the Southeast. After experiencing the results of three months of contracted white label services, the firm acquired Reach Media and brought on Steve as Executive VP of Marketing, charged with creating and implementing their Facebook offering across their existing client base and expanding their reach. Per the buy/sell agreement, Steve completed a year with the firm and then left to form Brightsource.

In addition to his leadership role at Brightsource, Steve manages an exclusive mastermind group and has joint venture relationships with several large marketing firms. As an influential interactive media authority, he is frequently invited to speak at industry events, interviewed by relevant media outlets, and makes guest appearances on podcasts and other programs.

Before focusing on the interactive media space, Steve held several national and regional sales management executive positions. This includes his tenure as Director of Sales & Marketing for a $350 million construction services industry firm, where he managed a sales team of 145+ as well as overseeing all corporate marketing and promotion activities.